AT&T Holiday Campaign “Magical Gifts”


Executive Creative Director


Alter the perception of current holiday gift buying habits. Establish that AT&T is a destination for holiday gifts for all your friends and family.


We created a group of people from all demographics, a group of family and friends enjoying a walk in a magical forest made of paper. Along the way they discover gifts amongst the tree branches. They happily give them to one another. Suddenly the young boy is startled by a bird who lures him deeper into the forest. The others follow where they discover a cluster of gifts hovering in a clearing. The gift giving is complete when the bird gives a gift card to the boy and disappears into an AT&T store.


The campaign was carried across all the visual merchandising and décor of the stores creating a wonderful atmosphere that won numerous awards for window display and store design. AT&T experienced a big lift in sales. So much so the campaign continued into the next year with similar results.