AT&T “Live Connected”


Executive Creative Director


Tell the story of how people experience freedom through mobility. Capture real life situations that exemplify how connectivity is ubiquitous and useful in our lives.


Our research and focus group testing proved to us that AT&T customers are already loyal. The last thing they want in a retail environment is to be sold something. What they do love is to be entertained with relevant lifestyle with usable chunks of information. We also know that we have their attention for as little as 6-8 seconds and what all of us crave is a simple human emotional connection. This 2-minute spot includes all of these maxims in powerful 8 second vignettes, each containing a strong emotional turn surrounding the use of various points of mobile connectivity.


When we capture the viewers attention for 8 seconds, and then the next 8, and the next, it is a huge win for the brand and for the customer. Anecdotally and in site surveys we have evidence that many people watch the entire video, effectively mitigating the negative feedback that comes from extended wait times.