AT&T San Francisco Flagship “Panorama”


Executive Creative Director


This magnificent historic building positioned next to the Trolley Turntable is visible to tourists and locals through enormous windows that face the trolley. How can we attract this captive audience into the crown jewel of AT&T’s flagship stores?


Using the face of the mezzanine as an attractor, we partnered with Nanolumens and built an enormous curved panorama spanning 48’ and 5’ high. Instead of anchoring it with AT&T brand messaging, we created a super bright living animation telling the stories of Entertainment, Connected Life, and Arts and Culture of San Francisco. Using a grounding theme of art meets technology, we teamed up with techno-artist Joshua Davis to create these vivid animations driven from a code source directly to the screen. Using a ‘random seed’ we are able to have the content change constantly. Our photo team shot naturalistic shots around back alleys, graffiti, secret stairways, and parks where the locals like to hang out. Nowhere did we see traditional landmarks like the Golden Gate or the Transamerica Building. Instead we see a pulsing brilliant light show thumping in time to the music.


In addition to creating immediate buzz at a launch party with a music set from Ludacris, the ongoing commentary about the store and its highly unusual customer experience has been a PR extravaganza. The many awards won by the project include Best Retail or Mall Experience in the 2017 London Digital Signage Awards.