AT&T “Store of the Future”


Executive Creative Director
Stakeholder Team Member


Deliver a meaningful content solution for this new store type, intended to extend the expectations of consumers.


The numerous opportunities for digital display in this store type allowed for a detailed story that follows a typical customer journey in the space. Through detailed deliberations with National Sales and Retail Marketing, we were able to deliver a solution based on customer experience primarily, keyed to location and customer mindset. This is balanced with the need to sell at the proper times with messaging that points out how to save money or improve plan performance. We zeroed in on emotional storytelling as a device to connect with our customers and gain trust as a retailer.


NPS is much higher for this new store type. Focus groups have proven that our instincts were correct – customers don’t want to be over sold, but they do respond to relevant lifestyle entertainment with usable chunks of information. The combination of emotions-based content and a quick and repeated delivery proved to be a win-win for both AT&T and their customers.