AT&T Technista “Glamping with Friends”


Executive Creative Director


Create a story to coincide with the arrival of Spring. Make it relevant for the female 20-something demographic.


Following the trending topics, we arrived at the concept of ‘glamping’, or glamorous camping as not just relevant, but aspirational for this experience oriented generation. The episode revolves around Kayla and her friends on a trek to this humble but fascinating tree house where they hang out, goof off, and have fun watching movies on their portable pico projectors and keeping their phones charged on battery extenders. The focus is on products that align with travel and capturing moments. Waterproof phones and durable rugged goods represented the usable information chunks that are surrounded by the charming and entertaining story.


Rounding out the characters gave Kayla some legitimate cred as a friend they can count on to show them the latest trends in tech products. Focus groups confirmed that customers prefer this type of content in a retail environment by picking out Technista from a playlist that included product launch and brand message content.