AT&T Technista “On the Red Carpet”


Executive Creative Director


Bring the Technista episodic to life for the January – April awards season where AT&T sponsors the SAG Awards, Oscars, and others.


Kayla, the Technista, is a fan girl of fashion and technology. In this episode she tracks down Marco Paloma, fashion designer to the stars. She interviews him and completes a blog story about his work. Marco sees she is fascinated by a particular dress he is working on, and surprises her when he customizes it for her and delivers it as a gift. Kayla is overwhelmed, and is a beaming light of attention as she is delivered to the awards show and the waiting paparazzi.


This series is focused on a young female connected demographic – and this episode delivers in style as Kayla transitions from reporter, to a blogger surprised by her emotions, to the fashionista she really is. All along the way she delivers with integration of mobile devices throughout. Sales lift data is difficult to get, but the episodics have been popular enough with store managers to continue ordering additional season-relevant content.